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Got sent the compilation that Dave, Alex and Phil have been working on for the past few months – “feelingfuzzyfelt”.
I was certainly feeling a bit fuzzy this morning, partially because I’m ill with cold, but mainly because of the comedic amount of alcohol I threw into my system last night. I butterflied from one species to next – red wine (always a good place to start or finish or visit when building a hangover) lager (ditto) Guinness (“I think I’d better shlow down, I’m feeling a little drunk…”).
Almost puked giving Syd his porridge this morning, grimly spooning it into his mouth as his head queasily discombobulated about on his rubbery neck. Poor wee cunt is ill an’ all, but taking it rather better than his morally-rubbish father. Perhaps it’s because he hardly drinks at all.
Printed some labels (!) wrongly. For a CD that I haven’t put together yet.
Basically had a day-off, and have achieved less than zero. I am a wanker, and I hate myself.

Originally I mistyped: I am a wanker, and I hat myself, but I eventually decided to change it.

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