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When I went back to bed this morning I had a weird dream. I was in some deserted hotel/library kind of building which I kept wandering around, and all I could think about was how perfect a location it would be for some kind of gangsta shoot-out, or possibly the filming of a gangsta shoot-out, and I was absolutely desperate to get all my Afro-American gang-banging buddies (?!) out there to see it. Eventually they did arrive and I was particularly craven in my attempts to ingratiate myself with them, even to the point of physical hugs and so on. At one point I actually said: “I just had to get my homies to see this!”
Normally my dreams are fairly straightforward – I am in a room/a big pile of money/rare records/pictures of naked ladies appears/I try and get there but they keep slipping away/someone comes in and asks me what I am doing…that kind of jazz. But what the fuck is going on here? I’m not some deluded pigmentally-challenged hip-hopper! I think I slept so long I got given someone else’s dream.

Jumble sales tomorrow at 2PM:
Suez Rd.

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