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7:30 rise. Porridge. Argument. Chazzers (Spent 8 quid on a hoodie, would you credit it?). Cold curry. Made-up, discussion, argument of sorts. Jumble sale.

For some unfathomable reason Syd has changed his views on jumblies. As we all barged in and lurched for the tables I was genuinely astonished to hear helpless chuckling going on behind me (he was in Richard and Jane’s baby-carrier knapsack thingy) – real hyukhyukhyuk stuff, which does occasionally happen with Syd but rarely rarely rarely. Two or three times as I moved about the room, as though he was going: “So this is what all the fuss is about – a load of weirdos and in-breds jostling for piles of rags!”

Bought another hoodie, a shit shirt, an annoying pair of red trousers, some highbrow text (“Transgressing The Modern”) to flog and an old book about jazz (“Jazzbook 1955” – rare? worth something?). And a shirt for Syd when he is about 9- “Sid the Squid”.

Received email form Steven Carter in Brighton saying he’s accidentally passed on a virus – go to such-and-such location on C drive and delete exe. file. I do so, only to receive another saying “no! It was a hoax – don’t delete file!” Expect computer to split down the middle at any moment.

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