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Circling around the Sally-Ann for about twenty minutes this morning, waiting for the old-timer who always charges half-price for everything (7″ singles suddenly become 15p because she doesn’t think they’re worth 30p. I took a necklace up to the counter with a £1.85 price tag and she tore off the bit that said £1 and charged me 85p) to become disentangled from a discussion about the purchase of a bed. Suddenly I noticed that a new pile of records had been deposited in the racks –

The Doors – Full Circle (post-Jim)
T.S Eliot – reading Poems and Choruses
Led Zeps – 2 & 3


By the way, for anyone who has ever had a suspicion that the world is run by an evil cabal of shapeshifting Illuminati reptilian vampires, all the information you need is here:

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