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Caned, and out of duty, I report.

Someone is shouting “Jungle!” up at Dave’s window.

A sort of gale is beginning.

Sunday night. 10:19.

On Wednesday night it was the Ricky & Peter disco-thing. A sort of success if only because I accidentally walked off with The Mules’ copy of Lonnie Smith’s “Funk Reaction” (one of the great record covers of all time?) the title track of which is one of the most cosmically, joyously, stupid funk-outs of which I am aware. At about 10:30 or so Richard Brown approached, nefarious of purpose. “How long is your leash tonight?” he asked, not knowing that I was literally in the act of cueing up the Magnetic Fields’ “Fido, your leash is too long.” And, as he so often is, matey was right on the money.

It was crap, of course, everything cancelled each other out. I was meant to get a taxi back with my gear; I got a backie back with Lord Charles, and left my bag with my keys at The Portland. Much inconvenience resulted.

The pillows sing to me.

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