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Records purchased needlessly today included:

“Love Cats” by The Cure
A 7″ single that cannot be named (because it is a Christmas present for Richard Rippin).
“Live It Up” – David Johanson
“Get Up and Get Down With The Esquires” (CD collection).

I left behind a Monkees album because it was fucked, a 3-record set of Elektra releases (included MC5, Stooges, Tim Buckley) because it was £5, and an Adam Faith because I wasn’t sure about it. Think it may have been worth something…

Yesterday I bought:
“Tainted Love” 12″ import b/w “Where Did Our Love Go”
I have one copy of this already and about four of the 7″
“Come Home” by the group James.
“Beautiful Love e.p” by Julian Cope – includes “Unisex Cathedral” from “Droolian”!

I also picked up a collection of old blues/folk on Yazoo, a weird thing with Hector Zazou, Fred Frith and an African singer from 1983, and a more or less ruined copy of “Forces Of Victory” by LKJ in Resale. I left behind a U-Roy album because it was utterly destroyed and something called something like “Best British MCs” (Smiley Culture and the like) because it was a bit scratched and was on the thinnest vinyl I’ve ever seen.

Feel depressed. Syd is ill. Keeps puking at night. Can’t DJ at Charlie’s party tonight.

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