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Today’s record news:

Went to the Sally Ann and find myself in the queue behind Mr. Weasel, who once stepped over the front of Syd’s pushchair and then scored a load of 60’s stuff right in front of my eyes. Luckily there was nothing there today, and I was gratified to see him looking giving the once-over to the Madonna/SOS Band product that I had left behind yesterday, and then leaving it too.

Against force of habit I thought I’d check out Resale, but wandered into the RSPCA shop first. Gnarly old hippie-dude was pricing up some records at the counter, and there was a stack out already. Beads of sweat broke out on my forehead.

“Mendocino” Sir Douglas Quintet (unfortunately seems to be a reissue, but has some good stuff on it).
“Handbags & Gladrags” – Jimmy Witherspoon
“Ertlif” – Some Swiss prog rock band. Bit too rocky. Cover looks the business.
“Live at Max’s Kansas City” – The Troggs.
“Buskers” – collection of buskers recorded on the streets
“The Anvil” – Visage
“New Clear Day” – The Vapours.
“Gone, Gone, Gone” – The Everly Brothers

Walked off to see Mr. Weasel cycling up.

Left behind an LP by a native American band called Redbone, and PJ. Proby’s “I’m Yours.”

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