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Walked all the way to the 10AM jumbly on Victoria Road, which was pretty ambitious in Syd terms. There’s only so much sitting in a pushchair he can take, and fair enough.
In the queue outside that red-faced mentally-insufficient woman was trying to make friends with Syd.
“That’s lovely smile. It’s nice to get a nice smile from someone, not like these men, eh? Not like these men who all seem to want sexual favours and that, eh?”
“Well, quite,” I said uncomfortably.
“I’m fifty, I’m forty-five, I’m nearly forty-five!” she said brightly.
“You’d have thought they’d have let up a bit.” I said.
“Yes!” she replied, laughing.

All I got was a Uni. college scarf (for my collection. I never wear them, ‘cos you’d look like a cunt) a suede sheepskin-lined waistcoat that’s gone all powdery and fucked, and a small book called “Colours” for Syd. On the first page it says RED STRAWBERRIES and a little wasp has been flattened between the thick cardboard pages.

Off to another one in Haslingfield in about an hour. I’ll let you know how we get on.

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