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Disjointed reflections on Saturday night at The Portland Arms (Elias Bland, Broken Family Band, CRS).

Were going to get food there but had dilemma about whether we should stop off in the Hopbine on the way and eat Thai, and therefore put ourselves off the Portland grub. Decided instead to forget about food and get completely fucking hammered instead. Halfway through the evening I realized that they were selling Hoegaarden at £2:30 a pint and from then on drank as though every drop was more money saved.
Sat with Huw and his brother and talked about how Huw digs librarianship.

Rupert had a very good gig. You could sense people getting into it. When I did that one with him recently he played a lot of very well crafted loveliness that could probably be used to sell cars to women, but this set was a lot more dynamic and varied. A couple of the tunes I really really liked, so thank God for that! (Rupert is an old friend and co-founder with me of the legendary Hugo’s Mixed Fruit Jam)

Broken Family Band – fantastic. Steve a joy as ever – responding to a heckle with “Even this is war.”

I’d asked Jay who their drummer was and was told, “he’s this young guy.” Didn’t know he meant Mickey, who is of course a complete artist with the sticks. Very much my kind of drummer – tight, heavy, consumed by the rhythm. Mongy, sweaty face etc.

So pleased that the demise of Hofman doesn’t mean an end to the kind of almost sexual pleasure I used to get from watching them. That is to say a glorious ebb and flow of passion and doubt, and yet always ultimately redemption (not that I get this from sex). I kept thinking that they’d gone a bit too far with the whole country sound, but then they’d draw me back in with some subtle brilliance or other. During “Satan Hates You” or whatever its called I started to think “Now this one isn’t that good…” and then I listened to the lyrics and ended up being astonished by the song. In the end it was only fitting that they finished with a song especially written for me. Me and Rob were shaking our heads in wonder. Finest musicians in Cambridge. The cunts.

Didn’t watch enough of CRS. Bassist’s face a bit of a worry. Seems to be attached to hooks of some kind. Very good band though. Would say more but got to go to work.

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