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Salvation Army this morning. Nauseatingly comfy Radio Cambridgeshire DJ on the radio talking about how we all have to look after ourselves. Then he says, “mind you, I try to do it myself, but I do it when it suits me, if you know what I mean.” I start to think he’s about to make some saggy attempt at machismo by confessing to having a couple of pints when he reveals that he spent the evening working his way through “at least half a pound of sweets,” and then cues up one of Cliff Richard’s rockier pieces from the 70’s (Something about… “She means nothing to me…” Of course she doesn’t, Cliff). What kind of lumpy-bummed sack of mother-love sits a home eating sweets for kicks in late-middle age?

Posted October 17, 2001 by peteum2013 in Uncategorized

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