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The more perceptive among you may have noticed that I sometimes make little alterations to the dairy after it has first been published, so that the diary that you read on Wednesday might be subtly changed by Thursday. I usually decide that a tweak of emphasis is necessary because I have said something that is unclear and might have been put better, or something that I realise I do not stand by, or something that is too personal, or something that might offend. I’m sorry if it seems a bit gutless to do this, but I should point out that these errors of judgement are often associated with the use alcohol, and yet there are occasions when I am sober. By and large I try to leave things as they are, but sometimes I just think that I’ve gone too far. I’m sure the diary will be judged a success when I receive my first punch in the face as a result of it, although perhaps not by me. Anyway, all the more reason to read up on a daily basis, just in case I remove something juicy later on. Not that there’s an excess of juice for Christ’s sake! Obviously it’s mainly charity shops and what I’ve bought from them and so on. But just so you know.

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