My dream life as an Italian slave   Leave a comment

OK, quick dream.
I was working as a slave for a large and eccentric Italian family. The bossy mother was telling me to clear the tables of the cutlery, plates and remains of the food etc. There were several of these tables in different rooms, and for some reason I am moving between them randomly, making the job twice as hard as it should be. I feel very resentful, and started banging plates against tables and walls in the hope of smashing one, but they seemed to be indestructible. The next time the mother comes into the room I leap onto the table like a monkey and let out a shriek in her face. This is barely commented on. I think there were two daughters in the house. I started to have an intimate conversation with one of them. She seemed to be unhappy too. Next thing her brother arrives on a large quad bike thing and drives it up the steps and into the house. He is thickset and has curly hair and a chain round his neck. The daughter tells me to keep away from him. Her face keeps changing…
I tell her I have a son. She sees my girlfriend and tells me that she is very beautiful in “that typically European way”.

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