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Salvation Army this morning. Nauseatingly comfy Radio Cambridgeshire DJ on the radio talking about how we all have to look after ourselves. Then he says, “mind you, I try to do it myself, but I do it when it suits me, if you know what I mean.” I start to think he’s about to make some saggy attempt at machismo by confessing to having a couple of pints when he reveals that he spent the evening working his way through “at least half a pound of sweets,” and then cues up one of Cliff Richard’s rockier pieces from the 70’s (Something about… “She means nothing to me…” Of course she doesn’t, Cliff). What kind of lumpy-bummed sack of mother-love sits a home eating sweets for kicks in late-middle age?

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Phew. I have these quiet Monday nights and then I sleep the sleep of little babies. Actually I was in charge of Syd last night and so I did sleep when he did, and perhaps more pertinently, I was awake when he was. He was OK though, apart from some testing screaming behaviour between 5 and 6 AM. Other than that though, I’ve had a long rest, and dreamt very stupid dreams. I may not be able to do this justice because I’ve got to work soon.

I was observing some lads on holiday. I didn’t seem to be with them and I can’t recall if they were friends of mine from real life. They’d arrived at some resort in somewhere like Jamaica to discover that the hotel was basically a wreck. You could see into the hotel rooms like a cross-section had been taken. At one point water was pouring from the top to the bottom, drenching the occupant of each room in turn.

Next thing I know I’m with another group of blokes including Tom Harding, the famous local player of the didgeridoo. We are climbing up a hill through jungle vegetation, in the rain, at night. In the car there is a tape which we could use to record map details onto to orient ourselves, but Tom won’t let us because of some environmental issue. This makes no sense to the rest of us. I am desperately trying to choose my words carefully before saying something to try and change his mind. Tom is being exactly like he is in real-life.
Next we are in some huge bachelor flat-type place. There are hundreds of records on shelves but they all seem to be classical, mainly Ravel. Then the owner appears, who is a well-groomed sort of guy in his mid-forties. With uncharacteristic openness I sit down next to him and engage him in conversation. He asks me if I recognise the music that is playing. I say that I have no idea, but would guess at Ravel. He seems to think I am a perceptive young man because of this. I suddenly begin to wonder if he is gay, as he seems almost too well turned out. I then notice that Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” is playing, but he is referring to it as though it is by another group. I tell him that I recently purchased this particular Van Halen album on CD (true, and the vinyl about two weeks ago). He tells me that it isn’t Van Halen, but the Afro-American cast of Jesus Christ Superstar, and that the words have been subtly changed from:
“Ain’t talkin’ ‘bout love…”
“Cunt-licking at your leg…”
Unfortunately the song has now finished so I cannot verify, and I wake up after a twelve-hour sleep humming:
“Cunt-licking at your leg…”

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Read today that new scientific research has shown that baboons have capacity for abstract thought. I asked Keith and Kevin about this but just got the usual response.

Dreamt I was in a building that was slowly, slowly becoming an inferno.

Fucking sick of war. Whole world suddenly polarised along East/West lines. Insane backdrop to personal misery. Infinitely frustrating stupidness about the whole thing. Immerse myself in beer, Audiomulch and writing about charity shopping.

Went to the car-boot sale yesterday with Rob, Bry and Syd. Bought:

“Substitute” – The Who. Not really into The Who but I like this and My Generation.

“The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades” – Timbuk 3

“Kissing With Confidence” – Will Powers (Just love those one-hit wonders!)

“Sanctuary” – New Musik (a gamble ‘cos it looked fucking 80’s. The A-side is kind of shit in a good way, or good in a shit way. The first song on the b-side is just chronically bad, the second is pretty good as a functional 80’s dance instrumental, and then there’s a weird third song that only lasts for about twenty seconds, and seemingly only exists in the name of perversity, in that it is just monumentally average synth-pop-rock).

“Mud’s Greatest Hits”

“Voices In Rhythm” – Les Baxter

Outside – dark afternoon with heavy rain.

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Disjointed reflections on Saturday night at The Portland Arms (Elias Bland, Broken Family Band, CRS).

Were going to get food there but had dilemma about whether we should stop off in the Hopbine on the way and eat Thai, and therefore put ourselves off the Portland grub. Decided instead to forget about food and get completely fucking hammered instead. Halfway through the evening I realized that they were selling Hoegaarden at £2:30 a pint and from then on drank as though every drop was more money saved.
Sat with Huw and his brother and talked about how Huw digs librarianship.

Rupert had a very good gig. You could sense people getting into it. When I did that one with him recently he played a lot of very well crafted loveliness that could probably be used to sell cars to women, but this set was a lot more dynamic and varied. A couple of the tunes I really really liked, so thank God for that! (Rupert is an old friend and co-founder with me of the legendary Hugo’s Mixed Fruit Jam)

Broken Family Band – fantastic. Steve a joy as ever – responding to a heckle with “Even this is war.”

I’d asked Jay who their drummer was and was told, “he’s this young guy.” Didn’t know he meant Mickey, who is of course a complete artist with the sticks. Very much my kind of drummer – tight, heavy, consumed by the rhythm. Mongy, sweaty face etc.

So pleased that the demise of Hofman doesn’t mean an end to the kind of almost sexual pleasure I used to get from watching them. That is to say a glorious ebb and flow of passion and doubt, and yet always ultimately redemption (not that I get this from sex). I kept thinking that they’d gone a bit too far with the whole country sound, but then they’d draw me back in with some subtle brilliance or other. During “Satan Hates You” or whatever its called I started to think “Now this one isn’t that good…” and then I listened to the lyrics and ended up being astonished by the song. In the end it was only fitting that they finished with a song especially written for me. Me and Rob were shaking our heads in wonder. Finest musicians in Cambridge. The cunts.

Didn’t watch enough of CRS. Bassist’s face a bit of a worry. Seems to be attached to hooks of some kind. Very good band though. Would say more but got to go to work.

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Haslingfield jumble sale pretty average. Bought a Metallica T-Shirt.
Noticed a sign for Harston School Jumbly at 2:45PM on the way, which turned out to be the legendary Harston School one that Bryony spent four hours at a couple of years ago. Arrived to see several marquees full of enticing-looking junk and a huge, huge queue (a long panned shot down the queue reveals people in togas, Zulu warriors, 60’s surfers and surf chicks etc). Already some people have gone in and I spot a guy doing that familiar flicking motion over a big box of records, only he’s pulling out every other one. A big piece of me dies inside. Sam just lifts up the barrier rope and gets to it but Bry and I queue because we have dignity, a belief in democracy and we’re taller and more scared. By the time I get to the records matey has a pile of some 30-40. Next time I’m definitely bringing my KGB-issue tranquillizer gun: “You got quite a haul there, buddy. Let me help you to your car…”
Geezer pays the boy scout who then boasts to his mate: “I’ve got £6 already, just for a load of records!”
What a prick.

All that was left was:
“Sound Affects” – The Jam
“White Lines (Don’t Do It)” – Grandmaster & Melle Mel (I’m sure another copy will come in useful)
“The Singing Detective” – TV Soundtrack
“LA Woman” The Doors (proper PVC cut-out window sleeve this time, not like last week’s copy)
“The Bell Of Avenue A” – The Fugs

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Walked all the way to the 10AM jumbly on Victoria Road, which was pretty ambitious in Syd terms. There’s only so much sitting in a pushchair he can take, and fair enough.
In the queue outside that red-faced mentally-insufficient woman was trying to make friends with Syd.
“That’s lovely smile. It’s nice to get a nice smile from someone, not like these men, eh? Not like these men who all seem to want sexual favours and that, eh?”
“Well, quite,” I said uncomfortably.
“I’m fifty, I’m forty-five, I’m nearly forty-five!” she said brightly.
“You’d have thought they’d have let up a bit.” I said.
“Yes!” she replied, laughing.

All I got was a Uni. college scarf (for my collection. I never wear them, ‘cos you’d look like a cunt) a suede sheepskin-lined waistcoat that’s gone all powdery and fucked, and a small book called “Colours” for Syd. On the first page it says RED STRAWBERRIES and a little wasp has been flattened between the thick cardboard pages.

Off to another one in Haslingfield in about an hour. I’ll let you know how we get on.

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Woke up feeling hideous and awful because:

a) I’m ill with some shit-flu
b) I got pretty drunk last night
c) I did stupid drunken things like:

a) Stared at people as though I was invisible, particularly that strange lesbian girl who flirts very aggressively.
b) Danced like I thought I was in some sort of film about me, but a much more outgoing version of me.
c) Kissed Richard Rippin on the lips quite hard for some time because “It’s In His Kiss” was being played.

Point of information: Ian Webb is actually the world’s greatest dancer. I noticed two separate groups of people just staring at his amazing piston-hipped grind.

Another successful night for Retro Electro. I was rather surprised. Not sure that I like this going-on first malarkey though. I played a fairly credible (like, I felt righteous because I didn’t pander) set and was satisfied enough to have done so until I stood there getting drunker and drunker and feeling shitter and shitter while scores of people filled up the dancefloor for Louisa’s set. I started to think, “Yeah well, at this time of the evening, it isn’t hard to…” with a tiny tinge of bitterness. Her sets are very enjoyable though, and are becoming more uniquely hers, as are Jamie’s. I keep missing Susan’s.

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Dreamt I was in a wood. Barely visible through the trees ahead people were setting up drum kits (maybe about 7) in random positions, occasionally hitting a drum as though to test. We walked towards them. One of them was talking to a tramp, who was gratefully accepting a biscuit. Suddenly I was in close physical proximity to the tramp and we began a conversation. He was clean, well-dressed and well-spoken. Then I entered the sort of shop that is run by older women and sells cheaply-made, bad clothes no-one would want to buy. Out the back they had a second hand section that only sold shoes. I looked at all the shoes hoping to find a cool pair of old-skool Adidas but didn’t. Then I was in a hall where lots of people were getting ready for something. A song that used the same loop as Prince Rakeem’s “Deadly Venoms” was playing. Then I saw Toby Mills sitting down at a table, but this Toby had slightly Negroid features, a glistening, shaven head, was more thickset in build and was dressed in funky, expensive clothes. He also had a pair of shades on. “What’s the song this loop is taken from?” I asked excitedly. “It’s by Jean Frey,” he said.

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Today’s record news:

Went to the Sally Ann and find myself in the queue behind Mr. Weasel, who once stepped over the front of Syd’s pushchair and then scored a load of 60’s stuff right in front of my eyes. Luckily there was nothing there today, and I was gratified to see him looking giving the once-over to the Madonna/SOS Band product that I had left behind yesterday, and then leaving it too.

Against force of habit I thought I’d check out Resale, but wandered into the RSPCA shop first. Gnarly old hippie-dude was pricing up some records at the counter, and there was a stack out already. Beads of sweat broke out on my forehead.

“Mendocino” Sir Douglas Quintet (unfortunately seems to be a reissue, but has some good stuff on it).
“Handbags & Gladrags” – Jimmy Witherspoon
“Ertlif” – Some Swiss prog rock band. Bit too rocky. Cover looks the business.
“Live at Max’s Kansas City” – The Troggs.
“Buskers” – collection of buskers recorded on the streets
“The Anvil” – Visage
“New Clear Day” – The Vapours.
“Gone, Gone, Gone” – The Everly Brothers

Walked off to see Mr. Weasel cycling up.

Left behind an LP by a native American band called Redbone, and PJ. Proby’s “I’m Yours.”

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Dreamt about planes again. We’d landed in Malta, in transit. The airport was devastated. Buildings were abandoned and vehicles were being driven about on their last legs. Late evening sunshine reflected off dirty windows. Dark young boys suddenly started throwing large rocks with incredible force and accuracy, first at the dilapidated airport buildings and then at us. We were sitting ducks.

Retro Electro tonight. I’ve gradually been slipping down the bill and this time I’ll be on first. I’m sort of meant to be playing “contemporary electronica” because it’s always on the flyers but it doesn’t get heard a lot. Looks like it’ll be Kid606, an empty dance floor and me then.

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