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$50 million for the head of George Bush   Leave a comment

Was amused to read the other day that in response to the US. Government’s offer of $25 million for information leading to the capture of Osama Bin Laden the Taliban have solemnly announced a price of $50 million for the head of George Bush.

Embarrassed by the article in Adhoc, of course. Not sure I can handle the exposure. I like the sentence that makes no sense. I certainly didn’t say that surely? I know I don’t run Burning Shed anyway.

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Why are Pence Eleven so successful?   Leave a comment

Searching through the new releases section of The Wire (as I do every month in the insane hope that they will review something I haven’t actually made available to anyone) I discover that the Middle Class Records posse are laughing spazzily at me from their exalted location at the eppy-centre of the media feeding frenzy, the pearl-position (yes, I have just been reading Ben Watson) if you will, in the slippery, slimy oysterflesh of ART-FAMOUSNESS.

And me? Oh don’t worry about me…
We can’t all be part of the new uber-dope fen-rock scene. Some of us have to selflessly represent the urban centres, where nothing is ever cool.

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bah!   Leave a comment

Awoke infused with the spirit of Monday just before 6AM. Did Syd duty until 8:40, then went back to a different bed. Slept until 10:30. Got up, then thought better of it, and went back to bed again. Dreamt people were stoning me. Re-awoke at 11:15. Did the bottles and the washing up, cooked a bacon sandwich, had a bath and a shave, went to work. Stopped off for a can of Coke at the One-Stop, saw Wee Paulie, discussed Syd Barrett programme, and came back outside to find my bike had been nicked.

“I’ve got a bike
You can ride it if you like…”

It has a distinctive blue seat, if you see it. It also has stickers saying ‘Mike’s Bikes’ on the frame. It’s not Mike’s, but it did used to be mine. C’est la fucking vie.

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Obstacles overcome like Jonathan King   1 comment

Exactly three years since the release of “An Audio Obstacle Course” (if you can count ten copies as being a release).
Appalling backlog once again with the diary thing, for which I apologise.
Got interviewed by Adhoc the other week, and since the article is coming out soon, I feel the need for a pre-emptive strike with my take on the encounter. Probably made a tit of myself from wherever one is standing though. Went on about my Community Popstar concept (i.e. a bad excuse for lack of success) but I was so nervous I think I came across like I meant it. I can just see other local music-makers (amongst others) reading it and saying “what a wanker!” Generally suffered by being asked typical musician questions and then giving typical answers. Ultimately I guess the piece will just say something like “Pete is a tall man. See him at The Portland Arms soon.”

Yesterday’s health-check:

1 bowl of porridge with banana
2 Sosmix burgers with onions
1 bottle Ostravar lager
1 packet cheese & onion crisps
3 pints of Guinness
1 tequila
1 Shish kebab.

No word form Juju, and no package either.

Went to car booty with wife and child last weekend. Found myself at Paul Christoforou’s record stall buying “The Art Of Falling Apart” by Soft Cell and “My Brother The Cow” by Mudhoney.
Also bought:
“How Ya Like Me Now?” and “Kool Moe Dee” by Kool Moe Dee.
“Breakin’ Bells” T La Rock
“Girl Talk” – Various (girl groups of the 60’s)
“French Kiss” – Lil’ Louis

Saw Kevin Laska there. He tried to sell me a drum machine but he didn’t have it with him. Afterwards we went and had a disgusting but cheap fry-up (£1:99) in the Tesco café. Syd had some vile cheese-thing and threw spoons and bunches of keys about. A semi-elderly couple at the next table had bought bread rolls and were methodically filling them with chips. They seemed to have the right idea.

Later on we went to Ewan Wilson-Brown’s first birthday party. Having had not much in the way of excitement over the weekend, I decided to get drunk for the occasion, shnoofing down paper cups full of red wine and then pestering Richard for beer. I’m there with the grans and the kids havin’ a little adult party all of my own. Came back and carried on determinedly until I became incapable of much at all except playing Carrom, so I ended up doing my flaky demeanour/insane luck/skillz at the table shtick, which annoys me almost as much as it does everybody else. The fuckers are catching up though.

I’m sending a CD to Pickled Egg Records! If I hear nothing I’m sending another. This is my new strategy.

Can’t believe this Jonathon King stuff. I’ve developed this theory that it all ties in with the Genesis story, so you get:

Gabriel’s damaged weirdness.
Collins’ ambition.
Rutherford’s beard.
Phillips’ departure.

Adam reckons King was standing there representing Entertainment USA in front of the Statue Of Liberty whilst they catapulted boys at the big time, and he fondles what he can get as they sail past. I’m still looking out for that “Let It All Hang Out” track he did.

Anyway, it’s Saturday night and I’m drinking Guinness on my own, and I don’t want to write anything I’ll have to change later, so laters…

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washing machines/Americans   Leave a comment

Would like to apologise for the lack of diary content lately.
Here is a random round-up of recent events:
I went to my mother’s wedding and my damn fool brother told some old family friends that I had a website, presumably because he’s never visited the fucking site.
It was a big family waste-up. 2 days of intolerably bad hangovers.

Also an American girl (I presume) sent me an email claiming to have met me at Retro Electro, and wanting to send me “treats”. After some confusion it appears that we may have never met.

Her diary is at:

What else? Oh yeah, I’ve gone splits on two washing machines…

I’ve bought two Gang Of Four records in under two weeks. One is awful; the other seems to be pretty good.

I have to do stuff with minidiscs now.

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I was slack. Now I'm back   Leave a comment

And on the Saturday the little caterpillar drank:

One bottle of Ostravar Czech lager
2 bottles of export strength Guinness
1 can of Stella Artois
About ¾ pint of wine
And one very strong gin & tonic

And when he woke up on Sunday he wasn’t a little caterpillar anymore, he was a sad old man who felt like shit and smelled funny.

Had a brilliant time at the party though! Witty conversation all night, but nothing I can recall…

My thanks to Tony Ramone for his C-manship. No thanks to me for getting three and a half hours sleep, and then having to get up to a hideous nightmare world of fear and pain and childcare.

Went to the park again. Watched a squirrel cross my path in leaps – little weightless puffs of energy. Felt like a lumbering piece of death by contrast. Two male joggers with fat calves passed. Two other men played tennis. Still seemed to be night to me, though it was a bright blue sky.

The next day I felt extremely edgy at work, which can be a strange place to be a bit on edge. I could literally feel the frequencies of various madnesses chiming and magnifying each other. In the afternoon I had a psychology experiment booked. Cycled through rain and cold. This was one of those experiments about depression, so she kicked by asking me stuff like:

a) How happy (on a percentage scale) would you say you are at this moment right now?
b) How tense?

Later on it was:

a) Was your mother a good woman?
b) Have you ever considered killing yourself?

And stuff like that. She was a bit taken aback by my answers. I felt obligated to be honest. I wanted to explain…
When I left she said: “I hope things improve for you”

Dreamt I was in my old house but it wasn’t with my Mum and Dad. At one point my Mum said “we could add another room to the basement” and my Dad looked at her all happy as if to say – “you mean we could get back together?” (My mother is getting married for the second time this coming weekend).
My brother and sister were little kids again. They were lovely. My brother was a bit like Syd; only he had his current mind, which was hilarious of course, although I didn’t really notice at the time.
I poured vodka into a wooden box with slats in the bottom (although the vodka didn’t pour out). It did get very dirty but I still drank it. In fact I shared it with my Mum. I gave a small glass to her and a large one to myself.
There were vinyl records all the way up the stairs. You had to crawl over them to ascend.
Then we witnessed a plane crash, but from the altitude the plane was at before it suddenly nose-dived. I remember thinking “well that was so quick no one would have had much of a chance to panic”. A Moroccan-looking man made a fatalistic joke and went back into his office.

A dream I had a few days ago:
Me and my brother were in Central Africa somewhere, maybe with my dad. I remember that we were right in the interior, in some kind of town or village that had a huge 17th Century-style cathedral, but reddish brown like you sometimes see mud-huts. It rose incongruously out of dense grassland vegetation. I expressed my surprise.

Another dream about planes:
I watched a plane plummet from the sky into the sea, and you could see the foam churning beneath the surface. A resulting wave undulated towards the room I was in by the water’s edge, and a small quantity fell through the window and onto the bed. I felt very sad.

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USA declares war on ants!   Leave a comment

Yes its true, and a major scoop for this website. The United States has declared war on the small species of insect known as the ant, and are due to begin air strikes within the week The British are right behind them, and the rest of Europe has given tacit approval, with or without a UN mandate.

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