Obstacles overcome like Jonathan King   1 comment

Exactly three years since the release of “An Audio Obstacle Course” (if you can count ten copies as being a release).
Appalling backlog once again with the diary thing, for which I apologise.
Got interviewed by Adhoc the other week, and since the article is coming out soon, I feel the need for a pre-emptive strike with my take on the encounter. Probably made a tit of myself from wherever one is standing though. Went on about my Community Popstar concept (i.e. a bad excuse for lack of success) but I was so nervous I think I came across like I meant it. I can just see other local music-makers (amongst others) reading it and saying “what a wanker!” Generally suffered by being asked typical musician questions and then giving typical answers. Ultimately I guess the piece will just say something like “Pete is a tall man. See him at The Portland Arms soon.”

Yesterday’s health-check:

1 bowl of porridge with banana
2 Sosmix burgers with onions
1 bottle Ostravar lager
1 packet cheese & onion crisps
3 pints of Guinness
1 tequila
1 Shish kebab.

No word form Juju, and no package either.

Went to car booty with wife and child last weekend. Found myself at Paul Christoforou’s record stall buying “The Art Of Falling Apart” by Soft Cell and “My Brother The Cow” by Mudhoney.
Also bought:
“How Ya Like Me Now?” and “Kool Moe Dee” by Kool Moe Dee.
“Breakin’ Bells” T La Rock
“Girl Talk” – Various (girl groups of the 60’s)
“French Kiss” – Lil’ Louis

Saw Kevin Laska there. He tried to sell me a drum machine but he didn’t have it with him. Afterwards we went and had a disgusting but cheap fry-up (£1:99) in the Tesco café. Syd had some vile cheese-thing and threw spoons and bunches of keys about. A semi-elderly couple at the next table had bought bread rolls and were methodically filling them with chips. They seemed to have the right idea.

Later on we went to Ewan Wilson-Brown’s first birthday party. Having had not much in the way of excitement over the weekend, I decided to get drunk for the occasion, shnoofing down paper cups full of red wine and then pestering Richard for beer. I’m there with the grans and the kids havin’ a little adult party all of my own. Came back and carried on determinedly until I became incapable of much at all except playing Carrom, so I ended up doing my flaky demeanour/insane luck/skillz at the table shtick, which annoys me almost as much as it does everybody else. The fuckers are catching up though.

I’m sending a CD to Pickled Egg Records! If I hear nothing I’m sending another. This is my new strategy.

Can’t believe this Jonathon King stuff. I’ve developed this theory that it all ties in with the Genesis story, so you get:

Gabriel’s damaged weirdness.
Collins’ ambition.
Rutherford’s beard.
Phillips’ departure.

Adam reckons King was standing there representing Entertainment USA in front of the Statue Of Liberty whilst they catapulted boys at the big time, and he fondles what he can get as they sail past. I’m still looking out for that “Let It All Hang Out” track he did.

Anyway, it’s Saturday night and I’m drinking Guinness on my own, and I don’t want to write anything I’ll have to change later, so laters…

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  1. What a load of shit.

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