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Awoke infused with the spirit of Monday just before 6AM. Did Syd duty until 8:40, then went back to a different bed. Slept until 10:30. Got up, then thought better of it, and went back to bed again. Dreamt people were stoning me. Re-awoke at 11:15. Did the bottles and the washing up, cooked a bacon sandwich, had a bath and a shave, went to work. Stopped off for a can of Coke at the One-Stop, saw Wee Paulie, discussed Syd Barrett programme, and came back outside to find my bike had been nicked.

“I’ve got a bike
You can ride it if you like…”

It has a distinctive blue seat, if you see it. It also has stickers saying ‘Mike’s Bikes’ on the frame. It’s not Mike’s, but it did used to be mine. C’est la fucking vie.

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