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Sometimes it snows in April   Leave a comment

Rainy Monday, sat in Sam’s cupboard in some physical and mental discomfort. Yesterday was my birthday unfortunately, and so it was to The Free Press with Daddy J at lunchtime, with a quick visit to The Chariots Of Fire on the way home. Signs on the door of The Chariots promised free beer from 7PM, and I was interested, heh heh, seeing as how it must have been the last night there, and what with all the paint and everything, but I didn’t get back there because I had a date with a birthday roast. Today there’s more paint everywhere, even stretching down Mill Rd, so I must have missed something. Drank more lager at home, trying to keep up with myself by now, and then some aquaintance of Bob The Dog, who was telling me how they’d shared a joint with Jerry Garcia at Boxhill in 69 or something, got cajoled into providing Mr Birthday an anniversary line of the old Elderton. Sometimes it snows in April. Sometimes I feel so bad.
Got in the dog’s then because of the suppressed appetite and the unwanted bird, but I was kind of in a win-win because I was like “I’m sorry. I’m really very, very sorry. Words cannot express the depths of my remorse…etc” How forcefully I was yielding! Then more beer and lots of wine. Then carrom (I win) and listening to the Electroclash CD. Love that Fischerspooner! Then Sam’s in bed I’m up twitching and tinkering with abandoned UM songs. I found something really good…what was that? Syd king of kings because he sleeps all night and it was my turn. Very firmly my friend today.

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Saturday night in the great indoors   Leave a comment

Saturday night in the great indoors working on the comedy-scale CD releases of my back catalogue. Available from me in person for roughly £6 a CD. Hope to do at least 10 and maybe more. Quality of material varies.

Doorbell rang. Answered it to find no-one there. Some drunken fool at the end of the street is greeting someone else – “Alright mate? You alright? Are you drunk? Good!” Suddenly filled with hatred for this moron in the dark.

Doing gig at the Junction on Thursday for this Wild Skies CD launch. Noticed article about the gig in the paper. Mentions 11 bands are playing. Lists 10 by name, but not UM. Sub-editor needed to lose two letters?

Bad Timing last Wednesday. Quality entertainment. Mr. Suddes has world’s greatest record collection. Puts me and my MP3s to shame. Lo boys intriguing double act. Matey with bob smoking decorously, dropping The Human League. Man From Uranus’s unlikely ability to improve again and again. Getting more performancey and doing well out of it. Proper artistry in your locality. Check him or miss out.

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Remembrance of things pissed/Curse of the Queen Mother   Leave a comment

Well, it’s weird. It’s Wednesday the 10th of April and I haven’t been out or got drunk since that all-dayer at The Portland, which was like March 30th. I was thinking I’m never going to compere again. I think there’s a fine line between being drunk and being…uh, something else. When Matt from CRS came dancing in saying that the Queen Mother was dead about halfway through the day (let’s say after about 4 cans of Stella) I became immediately convinced that this meant that I had make some sort of grand statement about it in the course of my duties as Master Of Ceremonies. It would have been OK if I had been amusing or something, but I was trying to be spontaneous and I was just too pissed, so I ended up being random very slowly. By the end of the gig I was swaying gently (I hope) like a tall building, standing next to the stage watching Right Turn Clyde and staring at Jazz’s biceps thinking “He looks so straight, so healthy…”). Anyway I felt like a right royal cunt the next day, and then the next day the Queen Mum’s curse got me, and I came down with the vicious blue-blood death virus that I’ve had ever since, shivering and sweating and croaking for days on end.

Couple of weeks ago I had this dream where I was walking around some old buildings (was it a school?) with Nelson Mandela and someone else. Then the other person left and it was just Mandela and me. I suddenly got this clear idea of what kind of a sacrifice he had made in his life and got a very sincere urge to thank him for what he had done. I was like: “I just wanted to what a great deal your struggle has meant to those of us who believe in freedom”. Like I was representing all the young, privileged white people in the world or something! Jesus. If it wasn’t so funny I’d be embarrassed.

Spent yesterday morning wandering from chazzer to chazzer in search of one that wasn’t shut as a mark of respect to The Queen Mother. Didn’t she die £4 million in debt or something? And wasn’t that taxpayers money? Or Empire-siphoned booty? And now the usual beneficiaries of The Sally Ann’s efforts (I dunno, hungry little Africans or whatever) have to lose a day’s funds because of some super-rich 101-year old? I know what you’re thinking – he’s just fucked of because the charity shops were shut. Hmm, maybe.

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