Saturday night in the great indoors   Leave a comment

Saturday night in the great indoors working on the comedy-scale CD releases of my back catalogue. Available from me in person for roughly £6 a CD. Hope to do at least 10 and maybe more. Quality of material varies.

Doorbell rang. Answered it to find no-one there. Some drunken fool at the end of the street is greeting someone else – “Alright mate? You alright? Are you drunk? Good!” Suddenly filled with hatred for this moron in the dark.

Doing gig at the Junction on Thursday for this Wild Skies CD launch. Noticed article about the gig in the paper. Mentions 11 bands are playing. Lists 10 by name, but not UM. Sub-editor needed to lose two letters?

Bad Timing last Wednesday. Quality entertainment. Mr. Suddes has world’s greatest record collection. Puts me and my MP3s to shame. Lo boys intriguing double act. Matey with bob smoking decorously, dropping The Human League. Man From Uranus’s unlikely ability to improve again and again. Getting more performancey and doing well out of it. Proper artistry in your locality. Check him or miss out.

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