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So yeah, what happened at Retro Electro the other week?


Adele played “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zep and me and Susan were looking at each other going “oh my God, she’s playing Led Zeppelin!” Mind you, I think Larry Levan or some other hip name-to-drop from disco history used to incorporate the freakout section in his mixes though, so maybe its sort of a devastatingly cool reference. She also played “Father’s Name Is Dad” which I had planned to spin as The Most Obscure Cool Record Ever. And she played Syd Barrett and Captain Beefheart. She’s also mates with The Super Furries and claims:

“Tom Jones is the boy.”

The Vichy Government had threatened to be either good or so bad they were good, and quite frankly I wouldn’t have cared either way. Turns out that Andrew is some sort of Casio virtuoso (well, he can use both hands and that always makes me stare in raw wonder like a Kalahari bushman at a waterfall) and Jamie, given the right level of amplification, can actually be heard by the human ear. Sorry, I take the piss, but they were fucking great and you’d never have known it was their first gig. They need a producer (in the sense that they need to record some tracks, and well). I did consider it myself but that would be like asking a dead bear to look after your honey.

I was a bit rubbish because I had my first ever A&R man come and see me and it spun me out a bit. Like I always say, its all grist to my mill so I made mention of his presence and he just stared at the floor a bit livid-like. He took a couple of CDs off me but I reckon that was in lieu of having to tell me I was any good or whatever.

By now I was completely fuck-o-ed and all subsequent recollections are hazy. I was pleased with my DJ set because I had planned what to play and I stuck to it, rather than frantically sifting through a thousand MP3-to-wav CDs trying to find something that isn’t Nurse With Wound.

Last thing s I remember are walking up to a table at random and seeing some keys on the floor and then thinking:

“Hey, those are my keys…”

Then Rich was on some doomed female operations and I sat down at a table where he was hanging with his very new lady mates and he turned to me, indicated about seven total strangers and said:

“Pete, can these people stay in your room tonight?”

I was like, “no”.

And I don’t remember getting home at all.

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