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Urgh. Another day feeling like Han Solo when they thawed him out that stuff. If only I had Chewbacca sat next to me here at my dole course…

“Don’t worry Chewy, it’s only for 13 weeks…”

Our Photoshop tutor comes in twice a week. Yesterday he told me I have to sketch everything out on paper beforehand, which is a bit like asking a blind man to make a few preliminary drawings before doing an oil painting. Glad I don’t have to do songs like that (spends a few minutes thinking about a piece of paper with lots of arrows and things on it like “noises”, “other noises” and “particularly harsh noises”. Hey, that gives me an idea…). I mean, on the UM greetings card I’d nicked this image of a deer off a proper greetings card and fucked around with it until it looked kind of mean and spooky, but that’s hardly the kind of thing you’d plan in advance is it?

Yesterday Mark, Jo and Finn came back from Spain. We bought:
3 40g packets of Golden Virginia
1 bottle rough vodka
1 bottle rough gin
1 carton rough red wine
1 bottle less rough red
1 bottle less rough white
8 cans rough lager

Bobby J also bought quite a haul. There were about ten of us crowded into Number 4’s living room, with everyone chucking it back and Syd and Finn playing with all the bottles and cans.

Last Christmas I was in Sainsburys and I saw this little encounter between two guys, who seemed to have worked at the same place at some time in the past. One was a small tidy-looking upwardly-mobile type and the other was a hulking fucker in a big coat. The big guy had about 9 or 10 bottles of various spirits in his basket. They went through an awkward little exchange that inevitably culminated in the big chap being asked what he was doing for Christmas. He explained with a sort of defensive aggression that he and some of the other blokes at 222 had clubbed together for the booze and the plan was basically to “get pissed”. I was sort of lurking nearby, not knowing who to feel most sorry for. I even felt a bit sorry for myself.

Trouble with typing on the sly in here is that I have the loudest and most clackety keyboard I’ve ever heard, and its not as though I’m meant to be learning Word or anything.

Copies of UM For Charity are flying off the shelves by the way.

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