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Few too many bods in here this morning to write much.

A few weeks ago I noticed that the big toe on my left foot had gone partially numb (not numb in the emotional sense, just physically numb). A couple of nights later I was lying (again, in the physical sense) in the bath and I realized that the numbness had passed from the left big toe to the right, where it has remained until now. My diagnosis is heart disease, or possibly brain cancer, or maybe even a voodoo curse. What do readers think?

Fucked off with the weather’s inability to dedicate itself to one form or another. I’d rather have monotonous cold and grey rather than this teasing sunshine and thunderstorms combination. It sort of undermines you. Anyway, enough of the sodding weather.

A few weeks ago I saw two young women walking through the Grafton Centre. Suddenly one pulled the other up to look at a poster advert for a clothing store. “Look at that blouse,” she said. Then the voice of their ample-figured companion was heard, who had been walking a little way ahead, big bum all mangled up in denim: “Nah, it’s mingin’ in real life.”
The DAT-ing is going slowly. I think I’ve got about 23 one-and-a-half hour tapes, not all of which is necessary to put onto CD, but quite a good chunk would be nice. Weird going through old stuff too. Most of it is embarrassingly familiar from countless late-night self-obsession sessions, but some stuff sounds better than I remember. A lot sounds piggingly awful too. My top ten problems with my music are:

· Wanky lyrics
· Mannered singing-style/needless American accents
· Vocal is recorded too quietly
· Vocal is absent due to laziness
· Over-use of one loop/sample
· Disgusting production
· Song/section of song goes on too long
· Song is too short
· Song is shit
· All my songs are shit

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