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Comin’ on like Rip Van Winkle…

Too much to report, so just a few scattered things. Those of you who know me well will be aware of my new “employed” status, and will be so busy being amused at that that they may be unable to laugh at the nature of the job itself, which is the wholefood business, and nothing but. Mondays and Tuesdays, please come and see me, and make my co-workers wonder why I am so awkward in the shop. So I’m not signing on any more, and will be receiving precious little housing benefit (presumably) so I’m wondering what the conceptual angle is on my new job, but I just can’t get it just yet. Having said that I may be
getting it slowly, because you have to serve a lot of cranks, and I’m not such a healthy person, but still the staff are nice enough and the job is pleasant enough for it to keep niggling at me as to where the mileage is. No grist as such as yet, really. The great thing is the 2 day aspect, even though I get all depressed of a Sunday (I’m sorry) and elated of a Tuesday afternoon (apologies again) and feel 100% bushed at the end of every day. Surely I have the balance right though? Those five days seem to fly by though…

Its funny because Mr Christoforou is now an UM fan who comes to see UM, which is just tickling, but we’re still at odds on the streets of Mill Rd. The other day I come out of the shop for my teabreak at 11, thinking I’ll check Sally Ann’s even though I know he does his run at 10:30-ish. If he isn’t there at the till with:

De La Soul – 3 Feet High & Rising
My Bloody Valentine – dunno – was it a 12″?
Green On Red – LP?
Butthole Surfers – Hurdy Gurdy Man 12″
Butthole Surfers – can’t remember the name of the EP but it’s a 10″ and its called something like the Windowlicker (obviously not) or Widowmaker EP or something but I don’t recall. Rupe used to have it and it’s ace. This is the one that fucks me off.
Nirvana – Bleach
13th Floor Elevators – some dodgy live looking thing.
Loop – A Gilded Eternity.
Happy Mondays – Thrills, Pills & Bellyaches.

Plus other stuff I didn’t see.

Since then I’ve been feeling these hideous pangs of loss. Bet you a working cunt I never see that Buttholes thing again. If that’s not enough, and Paul being Paul he starts on about how he went into the Romsey Churches chazzer (i.e. the place where the record selection never ever changes) the other week and picked up 2 Kraftwerk LPs. One was something unremarkable but the other was the less rare version of the 2nd album. Jesus Squeaky, give a guy a break! I tried to offer him money for the Buttholes thing but he started being cagey and mumbling about Ebay. Some of us actually listen to records man, not just dodgy local bands.

Richard’s at Glastonbury, the cunt. He phoned me tonight and left a message, which was sweet of him.

Mentally adult and hard day yesterday, in which I did a 9-6:30 day at work, then did 2 hours hardcore childcare, then cycled to the Champ and did a tricky gig, and the went to a party at which a nice man offered me some Military Billy (as opposed to some Milli Vanilli Billy) and because of the hour and the likelihood of responsibilities screaming at me very fucking early and because I’m nice, anal and fearful I declined. I did do a quick set though, which was good fun because I was all loose from earlier and drunk to boot, and stuck behind the turntables front of all these 3rd year Uni students celebrating their imminent change in status I felt like the Kool MC, and probably acted like the Fool MC. Then Alexis DJ-ed and I didn’t want to leave because he was spitting one of my sets back at me but better. He’s got Devo’s “Satisfaction” on single and some original-looking “Wordy Rappinghood”. And a fucking Sun Ra T-Shirt. Went home and had to search methodically through every item in my possession for a Rizla. Virtually crashed out kneeling on the floor listening to UM and thinking…”It’s fucking genius, all of it…”

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