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I have no PC at the moment. The theory is that my power supply died (possibly when the people in the house next door plugged in a washing machine that they’d found and it exploded) and then took my motherboard with it. Therefore I am doing this from a remote location.

On Wednesday I DJ-ed at The Red Cow and drank 4 pints (and one can) of Stella Artois Dirty Piss Poison. Yesterday I had a hangover so severe that hereafter I am going to refer to it only as 9/5.

My hands shook (fairly standard, but this was like hangovers in the elderly and infirm).
I felt properly sick (I often feel rough as fuck, but yesterday I really thought I was going to be sick).
I had to leave work at Midday (deep, deep shame) I can normally soldier through pretty much anything booze can throw at me.
My vision went all funny. Couldn’t tell what coins were what etc.
Funny throbbing in the back of my neck.
Thought I was going to black out or die.

Deeply deeply horrible experience. I should point out that I can consume an equivalent amount of alcoholic units and feel almost no ill-effects the next day (because I’m hard and stupid). No more shit lager!

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