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Horrendous windfall record-wise in Resale recently, but tinged with greed frustrated because I’m told by a reliable source of Cypriot extraction that I missed out big style on the original motherlode. Apparently this massive collection of late 80s/early 90s indie stuff came in on a Friday or something, and I didn’t get there until the following Wednesday, which is a long time in these scenarios. However, there was so much stuff that even though some lucky fuck had already walked out having spent £70 (I heard), I still got to get my hands on vast amounts of noisy crap. Bizarrely, a load of metal had come in at nearly the same time, and had I not had to spend so much dough on The Butthole Surfers and the like, I would have started and completed my Slayer collection at a single visit. We’re also talking Bolthrower, Nuclear Assault, Possessed, Sabat, Carcass and many, many more.

However, I did buy:

The Butthole Surfers: Widowermaker EP (2nd copy in as many months), Locust Abortion Technician.
Big Black: Songs About Fucking, Atomizer (2nd copy for me), The Sound Of Impact (only thing I bought that is actually a collector’s item, although not the rarer issue, and I actually bought it thinking it was a black box flight recording of doomed planes – it was 50p)
The Jesus Lizard: Head, Pure.
The On-U Sound Present: Pay It All Back Volume 4
The Pooh Sticks: Pooh Sticks (singles collection)
The Beastie Boys: Licence To Ill (already own this on various formats, including vinyl)
Public Enemy: Apocalypse 91
Mark Stewart – Metatron
AR Kane: 69
EPMD: Strictly Business
Firehose: If’n, Fromohio
Various Blast First: Nothing Short Of Total War
Thee Hypnotics: Live’r Than God
A Guy Called Gerald: Hot Lemonade
Ciccone Youth: The Whitey Album
The Fall: The Wonderful & Frightening World Of, Code Selfish, Live At The Witch Trials, Grotesque
The Perfect Disaster: Asylum Road
MC 900 Ft Jesus: Hell With The Lid Off
Screaming Trees: Buzz Factory
The Pastels: Sittin’ Pretty, Up For A Bit With
I, Ludicrous: A Warning To The Curious, (left behind the other LP which was actually worth something)
14 Iced Bears: Precision
The KLF: The White Room (apparently I missed “The What Time Is Love Story” LP, which is in the book for 40 notes, so Mr. Christoforou has a copy for sale if you’re interested)
Loop: Fade Out (been after this for ages)
Barmy Army: The English Disease
Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares: Volume 2
Pussy Galore: Dial M For Motherfucker (well chuffed with this)
Rapeman: 2 Nuns And A Pack Mule (good to have a spare of this great LP)
Happy Mondays: Bummed (to go with my other one)
Renegade Soundwave: Cocaine Sex 12″

Hey, I left loads of stuff!

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