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I’ve decided to advertise the new “Reviews” section of my site (look under “Lists”) by including the first review here in my diary, because that’s the only bit that people read, as well they might.

Last night’s Bad Timing was a complete BABOON of a success, especially considering it was a bit of a local’s night.

DJ Zero was calm and fearless, playing whatever the hell he liked and then fucking with the signal thru his special machine. I’m going to get one of those machines and then there’ll be four of us.

The Man From Uranus was also DJ-ing but also fucking, this time using his trusty (though it didn’t seem to be working at the beginning, and I kept looking at the three young men behind the sound desk to see what was being done about it) theremin, plus he was boshing it through his Moogerfrooger. I wanted a Moogerfrooger as soon as I saw it, and then I saw the price tag. If he can pay that much to Moog, maybe I should charge him more than twenty notes for my big old black organ that he wants so badly. Anyway the Man From was a fucking king with all that kitschy old electronic stuff he finds from somewhere (ebay I reckon.

Then the main dish was Andy Coleman + Ashley on drums. Ashley used to be in Conemelt (still is in Charlottefield) and used to have dreads down to his arse. Now he sports a beard and looks a little cuddly, but who cares about what he covers his face with when he can drum like some sort of insane jazzgerman! Thus Andy’s cracked the “how can I avoid looking like a computer programmer” conundrum and given rhythmic wings to his melancholy electronics. Fucking excellent! Track 3 or 4 with the two-note bassline was so good I almost chopped off my own hands! I’m not trying to be funny here, but I bet YOU that that was the best jazz (obviously it wasn’t jazz, but that’s the point) gig that there’s ever been in the Portland. Tell me I’m wrong. Honestly it was a fucking triumph, on all sorts of levels. We’re used to people with laptops, and people mixing it up with real instruments, but the laptop/drums combo was a fresh and pure thing for me. At one point I heard some guitarry sounds coming from Andy and I wondered whether he might enlarge the human quotient in his band, and then immediately realised that this would be a dreadful mistake. Well, certainly not guitarists and bassists and so on. I’ve nothing against guitarists and bassists, but having some sort of group set-up would be a disaster. It would just get all fusion or something, like really ill modern jazz for the boring or wealthy. As it was though, it was just depressingly good, and I had to tell myself sternly that mine was a different type of talent, and take little sips of Strong Suffolk for comfort.

So, a really good night, and restorative for me. Dave gave me a CD of his electronic death metal exercises and Sas finally gave me my picket fence (I thought Sas was a painter and decorator, and then I found out he was at the Slade). He’s done this Portable Picket Fence piece so you can feel secure and safe wherever you are. I think I might wrap it round my hat Lee Perry style. Plus it was nice to be out with my brother, whom I love a great deal.

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