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Horrible wakeful night last night interspersed with a nasty nightmare that serialised itself between breaks of insomnia. I was in a large institution and someone was doing vicious knife-murders periodically. There were a lot of dismembered bits of folk lying about. I was afraid for me and mine but we couldn’t seem to leave. Only we really know what scares the shit out of us and there was this hideous sense of dread throughout that took minutes to shed after waking each time. I didn’t know who the murderer was, but possible suspects kept presenting themselves ambiguously. Eventually I realised that it was the 4th Gibb brother, only he wasn’t Andy, he was Harco Pront (who is really some Dutch guy who’s just made a brilliant record). My overfed rock biog mind immediately brought up some b&w archive photos of the Bee Gees, but with Harco too. Barry, Robin and Maurice are looking vaguely wistful, as they might, but Harco, who has a very high fringe, has eyes that are massively charged with evil. He looks like some bug-eyed Manson or something. Next there is another shot of him alone that is labelled “temporarily insane in 1967” where his face, fingers and a tree on the skyline are almost blurred beyond recognition, but you can still see the same mad eyes.

Syd woke up at 6:30, which way too early for me to get Harco Pront and all the red wine out of my system, plus, as we’ve since discovered, he is ill and was being incredibly challenging. Got a call from nursery to take him home at 11:30, and he threatened to have another febrile convulsion all the way home in his pushchair. On Mill Rd Bridge he was dipping about sickly, looking really pale and blotchy, with eyes ¾ closed. I was kind of gently sprinting back to get the Neurofen before he passed out. I reckon I got it down him with about a minute to spare. Fucking hardcore worries, but then within about 45 minutes he’s smiling and wants to play cars. Your Mum and Dad may fuck you up, but it’s your kids that do your nut in.

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