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Promised myself last night that I would fulfil my diary obligations today, as opposed to utilising any spare time for music/video/staring listlessly into space etc, but now I feel so brain-dead after the rigours of this week’s gig schedule that I can barely think to type. In short, however:
Bury gig was good, albeit not over-attended, but I was just enjoying myself for some reason. Kane, the 10yr old human-beatbox that was also billed, didn’t show because he had a test the next day and his Mum wouldn’t let him out. I think Jason (promoting) had been dealing with his dad. The dad was like, “never mind, we’ll do it again” but Jason, never a sufferer of fools and even some people of average intelligence apparently responded by asking him how he was to know that he wouldn’t be let down again at such short notice. The music business is no place for amateurs and timewasters, you see, even in Bury St. Edmunds, even when you’re ten. I would have liked to have shared a stage with him though, as it would have made me seems even more hilariously old than I am. I remember playing at The Man On The Moon with Mundane Threat (hah!) and they were like fourteen and that was pretty fucked-up. I wrote half a song (“Pastor Of Muppets”) that touched on the experience.
As soon as I got offstage I rushed out to a central location in the room so as to increase my chances CD-wise, and promptly was swallowed up in an encounter with a strange American martial arts guy in his forties and hiking boots. Long straight hair, beard. “What was that?” he goes, with a kind of excess gravity. “Huhuh”, I respond, experimentally, before realising he is deadly serious, and then going into a long and meaning-free series of false starts about what it is I presume I do. Meanwhile young dudes clutching fivers circle the periphery of our shared personal space, unable to make their self-conscious approach. Later on American Karate Man provides further evidence of how culturally adrift he is by forcing me to give him the inside gen on the venue’s monthly program, despite the fact that I don’t know anything about almost all of the bands. Surprisingly, I find this almost tiresomely piss-easy, just going by the names and stuff.
Highlights of the gig were explaining to the confused but obviously intrigued crowd that I couldn’t do “Black Part Of Me” (which had just started playing by accident) because I was in Suffolk, and having most people laugh along with my silly joke, and also Goat, because Jason was improvising at the desk with some sort of gated reverb and it just fucking ruled. He reckons I can be big in Bury (pause for laughter) and would have me compeering and stuff but the whole thing is fucked because the last train is 10:37 and I can’t drive and I can drink. Shame though, because he seems to have his thing going on at The Prior’s Inn, and apparently people usually do come. It was a Monday, you see.
Felt a bit (little bit) sorry for R.B.K who followed me because I’d laid the foundations for dumbness and they had to be serious, wear bandanas and do hip-hop in East Anglia. I think their MC guy hated me. He was like, moody, because he couldn’t do “moody”.

I’ve got this sad thing where I keep checking Soulseek (filesharing program) for instance of Um and being disappointed. Then the other day I found “Kold Sun”, but bizarrely it was amidst all these Thai-language songs. I tried to download it but the guy wasn’t sharing it, so I sent him a message. This is a transcript of our conversation (I’m damn_savage):

[damn_savage] can I just ask what this song is?
[damn_savage] “kold sun” by UM
[peter0461] hi
[peter0461] it is an thai language song
[peter0461] ummarin , maybe from the album Paza
[damn_savage] thanks. its just that I make music myself under the name UM, and I have a song called “Kold Sun”. Coincidence or what?
[damn_savage] I figured it wasn’t the same, because of the surrounding files, but I just wondered what it sounded like. Thankyou for getting back to me.
[peter0461] hmm, i not can hear because of this i’m not sure
[damn_savage] do you know what “kold sun” means in Thai?
[peter0461] cold sun, so it is right
[damn_savage] OK. thanks
[peter0461] no problem 😉

Right. I’ll tell yuz all about the Junction and The Tate later, if yer around.

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