An astonishing case of the horses   Leave a comment

I awoke this morning the recipient of the most astonishing case of the horses, astonishing at least until the astonishee is forced to reflect on the amount and variety of liquor consumed. Actually I can’t remember exactly what I drank, and normally I can down to the last unit. I recall a can of Stella, a pint of Summer Solstice (?), another can of Stella, a pint of Fair Maiden, two more cans of Stella, two massive lugs on a tequila bottle, two enormous pulls on a bottle of brandy, a pint of Guinness, and then finally half a bottle of someone else’s Stella that was sitting unattended on the ground at French Colin’s party. There may be have been more at the party but I only have sketchy details left in my brain to work with. I really was amazingly fucked. I remember seeing Nathan in a suit, Keston and Tony Ramone, but I have absolutely no idea who else was there. If it ever went in it’s been erased completely by the cleansing agent known as booze. At some point I remember deciding that it would be a really cool time to smoke some marijuana, and then I remember smoking a spliff (which I think I rolled, but I don’t know where I got it) and telling Alexis that this was my first spliff of the day as though I’d just cycled back from the moon or something. Soon afterwards I sensed it was time to leave, although it was great party in full swing (in a low-key, happy drunken way) and informed Samantha. Said goodbye to a few honoured souls in the manner of an officious but essentially lily-livered monarch bidding an obligatory farewell to a man he has condemned to death, and then spent a long time in the hallway sliding down the wall while Sam did something that took a long time, or so it seemed to me. When we got outside and Sam strode toward her bike I almost laughed at the idea that I would be able ride mine home. I was barely able to walk it home actually. We did try some riding action after a while but I hit three cars and a wall.

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