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Spent a portion of this afternoon wandering around charity shops with a young monkey in an effort to increase his video collection and expand the amount of time that I wasn’t answering the questions that occur to young monkeys with machine-gun curiosities and almost no idea of what is going on. Bought one video which he doesn’t like and is actually a piece of propaganda for The Dairy Board or whoever it is that runs cow tings in this country. In between a couple of fairly charmless stories about a Little Red Tractor is a sort of short documentary about dairy farming in which the milking process is described as a sort of cow’s “tea party”. Obviously I pride myself on a moral ambivalence that is one degree short of total spiritual corruptness but I work in a fucking wholefood shop for fuck’s sake. Not for much longer however. The plan is – and we’ll see how it pans out obviously – but the plan is: to have a few months off over their lean summer period, get straight back on the traditional funding program for artists in this country, and get some fucking Um shit done. I have to/would dearly like to:

Finish up and polish off all the stray shit on my hard drive.
Do a new album, tentatively entitled “The Old Album”
Complete the “Perverse Series” 15 CD retrospective, but with a firmer hand on the tiller than thus far.
Get really deeply and madly into video, particularly to produce some kind of video demo of Um live, but also to produce VHSs of formless nonsense for the Um live experience. This has been put off for an insanely long time.
To try and conjure up as much awareness of Um outside of this room and this town as possible, particularly amongst those working in various branches of the entertainment industry. Gigs would be good, the further afield the better. Also some kind of official release would be, uh, great, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.
To learn to drive. I took a test when I was about eighteen. I don’t think it would be too soon to have another go at it.

These are the records I bought today when I was trying to buy videos for my son:

Place Vendome – The Swingle Singers with The Modern Jazz Quartet
The Red & The Black – Jerry Harrison (quite good in a sort of Mutant Disco way if you forget about the existence of David Byrne)
Games – Synergy (dodgy orchestral 1979 rock wank with entirely “electronic music production” – some Peter Gabriel connection means it sounds like Genesis scored for synths)
It’s Over E.P – Roy Orbison (in the book for 20 notes, ta)
The Fabulous Platters E.P – The Platters (18 quid, I think)
The Pink Panther Theme – Henry Mancini (useful little 7″ picture sleeve)
Big Apple Noise 7″– Trans Lux (The Chemical Brothers rate this one, so there you go)

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