Pain Is Circular   Leave a comment

Not sure if I can do this justice but:

The other day I’m walking along Mill Road and behind me I can hear two young men in conversation. Their dull office talk and humourless jokes quickly set me off on a misanthropic jag that has me narrowing my eyes and sneering away invisibly in front of them. I picture them mentally as being everything I have failed to become, a pair of generic British Everyblokes with high street styled facial hair and a first mortgage, key players in the office five-a-side team, men who can drive cars and enjoy doing so. I feel myself start to swoon with hate. Then I am held up and they pass me, and they reveal themselves to be the nerdiest pair of saps you’ve ever seen in your life – two raw individuals that God evidently couldn’t be bothered to design as anything other than deeply uncool. Taking the Creator’s hint, they have also dressed themselves accordingly in uninteresting shades of man-made fibres. Essentially, these are two birds of a feather about whom no-one is ever going to bother to even take the time to make their mind up about. Like beasts of the field, they would provoke hostility only in the insane. “Aw, bless.” I find myself thinking, “Sorry guys – I didn’t mean to hate you!”

If only I could get people to love me, I think I might be able to cut down on hating everybody else. I’ve done a new song that touches (very lightly) on this. It’s called “Pain Is Circular”.

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