In which the enthusiast steals from the needy, but gets Red Exposure   Leave a comment

Unusual vinyl windfall today. Striding beerwards towards the Co-op at about 5:45PM, I am surprised to see a pile of thirty or forty records dumped outside that charity shop that’s next to The Cat Flap. Without noticeable hesitation, I head over to the pile. It’s pretty good. I take about half the stuff.

Nah-Poo – The Art Of Bluff – WAH!
Troy Tate – Ticket To The Dark
Dome – Will You Speak This Word
Dome – Dome 1
Wire – Ibtaba (no signed print or postcards).
Wire – A Bell Is A Cup
Wire – The Ideal Copy
Wire Train – …In A Chamber (I thought this was Wire ‘cos I was being a little quick because I felt a bit scabby rooting around in bags outside charity shops).
999 -Separates
Steve Hillage – L (amusingly, I have two copies of this already)
Various – Methods Of Dance (if this was the cassette it’s worth something).
Ultravox – Ha! Ha! Ha!
Ultravox – Ultravox!
Jeremy Gluck with Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard & Jeffrey Lee Pierce- I Knew Buffalo Bill
The Passions – Michael & Miranda
Dalek I – Compass
Bauhaus – The Sky’s Gone Out (w/ Press Eject & Give Me The Tape)
Chrome – Red Exposure (oh yes, I was truly meant to stumble across this pile of records)
John Renbourn – Faro Annie

Eighty-two quid in the book. Would have been another £48 on top of that but for lack of free 7″s, postcards, inner sleeves etc. Obviously it’s not cool to steal charitable donations but something tells me that that pile wouldn’t have been there in the morning. Somebody would have nicked them.

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