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Strange end-of-the-summer-holidays feeling, which has a lot to do with the fact that it’s suddenly autumn and I have to back to Arjuna in a couple of weeks. Pretty much failed to do everything I had hoped to accomplish during this sabbatical, especially learning to drive. Did a song about failing to learn to drive though (DVLA).

Looks like Berlin is off, so I hope none of you were hoping to surprise me by turning up. Reasons for the cancellation are complicated and dull, but mainly boil down to money, or the absence of it. It may well be rescheduled, but it’ll be a shame to miss that party thing, which sounded like fun. A bit of me is relieved because I would have been going on my own, and drinking pints of beer alone in the airport bar is kind of sad. God help me if I ever had a proper tour. I think I would invent parts for a triangle player who liked a drink.

Can’t quite believe The Vichy Government are supporting The Damo Suzuki Band. Perhaps other readers can think of unlikely bills? (I should point out that I have the greatest respect for both sets of artistes here).

My mate who works for the BBC has just been given several hundred 7″ singles (recorded at 33) containing “field recordings, atmospheres, tribal recordings and more birdsong that is good for you”. I’m writhing around on the floor with jealousy, but he say’s he’s going to give me a few.

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