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An odd day so far. Took Syd to school with bizzarro hair because he’d been doused in nit cream last night. We call head lice “sneagles” in our house, and I’ve been toying with the idea of calling the long-awaited Um 5-track e.p “A Flock Of Sneagles”, but it would be silly, a) because it’s a pun and I hate puns, and b) because it’s an in-joke, and c) because its silly. Anyway Syd had a sort of wonky quiff, which I thought looked quite cool but I could tell that the nursery ladies thought he was a bit deprived and I regretted not sorting it out. Actually they realize that I’m a sort of joke figure now because Syd told them the other day that he “speaks English and Daddy talks nonsense”.

On the way into nursery we stopped off in Sally Ann’s, where I was forced to bear witness to some geezer walking off with the store’s stereo. They keep it on a ledge which is on top of the wall of the changing cubicle, so matey just walked in, shut the curtain, picked the stereo (very large – like one of those home stereos with a handle like a boombox and detachable speakers) off the ledge and down into the cubicle. He then must have spent some time trying to get it into a bag or something, but it was too big, so after a little while he just opens the curtain and walks out of the shop with it. I’m doing my “6ft invisible man” trick it seems, because although the shop is full of both customers and staff, and although I’m dealing with a two-year old who talks non-stop, I see him and nobody else does, and he doesn’t even see me when he opens the curtain and takes a quick look round the shop to see if anyone’s clocked him, and I’m staring right at him. I’m standing at the counter amidst the Sally Ann bidsters thinking: “Hello! Really obvious crime of theft occurring in real time just to your left!” but of course I say nothing, which makes me feel nasty for a while. You see homeless bods nicking clothes and stuff in there all the time, and you think what the hell, but…

Came back home and found MTV on in my empty living room. Eminem seemed to be talking directly to me…

Did a Google search for “baghad blogger”, thinking that the vortex might have whipped round again, but I couldn’t find anything about myself.

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