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Just had another bag mail in the mail bag from Felix:

Tues 9th October

Woke up early again this morning, while the sun was still low in the sky over the shed behind the house. Casting a strange almost eerie light over the garden. Wandered down to the remains of last week’s bonfire at the bottom of the garden. Now it’s just a bloody big mess. But what a big blaze it made – brilliant. Standing there barefoot in just my dressing gown, a thought occurs to me suddenly: where’s that bloody bag? Then I recalled: I’ve been searching for it for over thirty-four years. Went back inside and made breakfast, the same thought reoccurring constantly for the remainder of the day.

Poor feller. I know roughly how he feels.

Check this out: in the past three days I’ve had three people in the teaching profession tell me that they’ve played some of my Um to their students. It feels odd to go from the laughable obscurity of the Cambridge Scene to the National Curriculum in such a short space of time, but I’m sort of flattered, even if the Youth Vs. Um aesthetic appreciation was as follows:

Test One: “They liked it, laughed a lot, and couldn’t believe that anyone was making music like that.”
Test Two: A teacher, who is unknown to me, said: “This would get
top marks in Music Tech. A-Level…”
Test Three: “Most of them didn’t like it.”

Keep meaning to talk about the Danielson Family gig but I haven’t got time now. I have to rest up because tomorrow I’m going to a genuine rock ‘n’ roll party in London where Primal Scream (who my Brighton mates always used to refer to as “The Scottish Band” to avoid bad luck) are going to be playing in Boat Race-sized room. I’m a bit scared of the whole thing. I’m relying on the science to just get me through to the mail train or whatever. You can take the piss in whichever way you like.

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