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Last night I was sat here in front of my computer drinking Guinness and doing things like checking my email and looking at Jamie Vichy’s diary to see if he’d posted anything new, because I’d completely forgotten that what I was meant to be doing was eagerly tuning in to national Radio 3 FM to hear the good people at Mixing It play my song “I Am In Love With Myself”. Now either the years of abuse are starting to have fuck with my processes, or I have turned almost overnight into some sort of blasé pop turkey, or I am just some sort of twat who forgot, but I just forgot. The last time they played me on Mixing It I got so drunk (by way of celebration) that I could hardly hear and then filmed the radio with my video camera whilst my song played. This time I forgot. Anyway, although it isn’t the same, you can stream last night’s show from the following address:


I think my song is about the fourth or fifth played. It’s the one after the track by Audianasty anyway. Although they introduce it as “I Am In Love With Myself”, which is what they told me they were playing, which made me protest that the track was done in 1998 when I was barely a musician of any kind, the song that does get aired is in fact “I Can’t Take Care Of Myself”, which I did about two months ago. Mark Russell and Robert Sandall remark that it sounds “very fresh” for 1998.

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