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As I was unlocking my bike outside Arjuna the other day I noticed that my fingers were getting wet, and I saw that my bike had been sprayed with some kind of liquid. Looking at the colour and consistency of the drops I was able to immediately apprehend that they were of beer. Against my better judgement I yielded to curiosity and sniffed self-consciously at my hand. It was beer. Suddenly I felt mocked from some hidden quarter.

Once I heard a painter-decorator type (maybe in his early 50’s) in the Co-op (shop) telling an acquaintance that he got through two bottles of white wine every night after work. Yesterday I saw him again and my eyes shot to his basket. Sure enough, two bottles of white wine. Are GPs telling heavy drinkers to switch to wine or something? It seems an odd drink for a working class geezer like matey. After Tony Blair’s heart scare the other week they interviewed some prominent males with dodgy tickers and football manager Peter Reed (am I getting this right?) was saying that he used to drink a lot of beer and whisky, but he’d been drinking red wine for 8 years on doctor’s orders. He made it sound like it had been 8 solid years of quaffing red vino, but purely for medicinal purposes.

I was envisaging my return to the wholefood business as a good time to draw a line under my tendency towards excess, and I spent the day before my first day back pushing Syd around the park and trying to stay focused on this idea of myself as an individual reborn. As we cut through the APU campus I passed a Japanese couple on a bench. They were both laughing as she pulled a bottle of Bells Whisky a little more than half full from her rucksack and then dropped it into the bin adjacent to the bench. This time I was sure: not only are the gods laughing at me, but; they are pissed-up themselves.

Today I saw a very old woman. She was a hunched and shrunken crone, with faltering steps. Between the bony fingers of one hand she held a cigarette. It was a life-affirming moment for me.

I apologise if the diary has been a little cryptic lately. I shall try and be a bit more straightforward for a while and see how we get on. The Vichy Government did play with The Damo Suzuki Band and Phil did get flamed by Peter Pringle ( Pringle claims that making a theremin beep is forcing it to do something it doesn’t want to do.

Right, and now I must attend to sorting out my set for tomorrow’s triumphant return of Retro Electro at The Kambar. I always liked the way that the DJs were kind of anonymous at Retro Electro (no names on the bill etc, which seemed wholesome, which I thought quite stylish) but now some of those anonymous names have moved onto bigger and better things, and we are stripped down to a hardcore of three from the original bunch, two of whom will never see thirty again, plus a young female University person, who hopefully has lots of mates. The other old bloke likened it to a Beatles reunion made up of John Lennon, Ringo, Dave Davies and the Bluetones bassist.

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