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Sorry, been very slack again, and lots has happened, or at least lots that I wanted to write about.

I can’t write about the Primal Scream party because it’s too dark. My mates in Brighton used to call them The Scottish Band so as to avoid bad luck, and I can see why. It was a very long night indeed. When I bumped into Simon Baker at Kings Cross at about 9AM the next day. I could barely string two words together. I think I said about five words but they were all unrelated to each other and my voice sounded like that of a smacked-out goose.

I kind of thought Retro Electro had failed, but then I learned that we’d had 67 people rather than the 35-odd I would have guessed at, and apparently Lamacq at The Junction only had about 70, so y’know. It was weird DJ-ing again. I used to enjoy it so much, and I didn’t mind playing what people wanted to hear. Then I kind of went into a phase where I thought about my sets a bit more, and made an effort to dig things out that were a bit further off the beaten track, and of course nobody danced etc. When this happens it gets a bit galling when someone plays something obvious later in the evening and you find yourself thinking “Well, I could have played that” Anyway, this time I just felt completely neutral about the whole thing, especially in the light of the fact that things like Electroclashâ„¢ are quite a long way back down the line. It’s like, well, I can still play stuff I like but now it’s going to sound a bit passé once again. In the end I played a sort of pointless compromise set and left out a lot of the things that I did definitely want to play. I didn’t play Felix Kubin or Harco Pront, for instance, but I did play Der Mussolini because I had an inkling that Johnny would approve, which he did, and I also played Freedom Fighters by Dalek I because Richard Rippin was coming, but he didn’t. Rich got arrested the other day for calling George Bush a fascist cock or something. As I was leaving for Brighton I noticed the chaps in blue swarming about in his room through my window and looking at his ‘puter. I almost emailed him to say “I smell bacon” or something, but I was in too much of a hurry. For a while I tried to film the cops but I couldn’t get a decent enough view without being obvious and I didn’t want to blow the Brighton gig by filming the house search of an enemy of the state and getting in trouble for it.

We might have discovered what the source of my voodoo (routine trouble with computers) is. Aicha reckons that some people have weird magnetic fields that can mess with PCs. The other day I went round Sam’s and tried to print an UM CD cover and within 10 minutes I had broken her printer completely (print heads crunch violently several inches to the right during printing process) and corrupted her graphics card drivers, making her PC more or less inoperable. She’s really chuffed with me.

Right, sorry this entry is dull. On my lunch break.

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