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Disjointed head… been a busy couple of weeks…

Sat up with Andrew from Shires Recordings last night trying to sort out the graphics for the Um single. Once again I found myself being acutely aware that I was having a monumental struggle with the decision-making process; indeed, there was no processing going on at all. Funnily enough it’s not because it matters to me, although it does, it’s just because I’m a fool.
When we saw my titles overlaid on the record label mock-up it was real heavy on my stoned soul, like porn for the poetic spirit. I was grinning through my red slits, and it made me think of how many dreamers would sign anything at this point.

Quite like this new LFO LP actually. Can’t see the point of the Vibert, or Plaid. Really prog. Dead wood. Glad to have the opportunity to make a judgement though, bagman. Invigorates me.

Saw equestrian handbook in Sally Ann’s this morning on the nursery run: Your Horse’s Mind. Perfect Um title, like Africa Is A Fridge.

Played Andrew Pence Eleven’s No Rats Aboard THIS Ship! (not all of it of course!) last night in attempt to prove Andrew’s theory of their invisible greatness back to him, and although it was like drinking wine by the drop, I was struck once again by the heroism of Nathan’s courageous trust in the preset to speak the feelings of his heart. Since he got bombed by Russia he has ceased to be creative, he says, and PE is all over too. He used to work like a fucking art dog too. He’ll be back though. Too much talent. Look forward to it.

Oh yeah. At Retro Electro the manageress waggled her finger at me and The New Girl and said “There’s the booth. No drinks, no guests, no coke.” And I went “No coats?” and then realized what she’d really said. I should have immediately quipped “Does this young lady look like a coke-freak to you?”

Oh yeah. If you end up playing the Kambar bring your own cartridges because theirs are fucked and you won’t have to cycle all the way home to get yours. And make sure you’re pissed when you get there because the selection’s lousy. I had to drink weak Heinekens and then strong cider to get my rocks off on the cheap.

Right, let me look at some 7″s and get to printing more copies of The Old Album before Phil wants his Epson back.

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