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I’m sorry, but this is how it is. In on a Friday night again. Sam was meant to be going out, and although she didn’t, I made no plans and here I am. Really fucking tired too. Kinda tipsy, a little bit caned, sorta regretful. I was busying myself with the printing of Um covers and questioning the wisdom of wasting time, energy and someone else’s printer ink on a few “just in case” copies of things like “Um For Charity” just in case some one came up to me at a gig sometime in the future and said “Great set, I’m Henrietta. I just need Um For Charity and Grievous Um.”

Anyway, feeling like it owed it someone, I put on Spokes by Plaid again. For about two minutes I thought I might have been a harsh judge, but when the mind leaves kicked in it started to annoy me when I wasn’t even actively listening to it. Then I put on some Ben Liebrand Bobby O remix thing (I presume it’s the 2nd of the Studio 57 things – I got it off the net), and although its gone off the boil by the time I get this far, it started like a fucking metaphysical map of funk truth, a deep, deep disco pain, a funk sufferation. I went from weary despair to dancing on the way over to write this. The only problem is that whoever dubbed the original from the vinyl to MP3 needs to visit the needle exchange, because the mixes are long and by the end I found myself unconsciously getting up to try and blow the crud off it.


Just found myself getting up to give up on a Merzbow track (off Merzbeat – the bits I’ve listened to so far are awesome) and then I made myself sit back down with the thought: “He’s Japanese. He knows what he’s doing.” He does too – beautiful technical facility with chaos. I think I’m going to play this when I DJ for the Broken Family Band – that should sort the mature individuals from Those Who Have Yet To Learn To Rock.

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