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What the fuck is it with John Fahey and me? I first hear John Fahey about 10 years ago on the Peel show. Then I see a record of his in Resale but don’t buy it because I’m not yet into my vinyl jones. Then a few months after that I see two more Fahey records in Resale and this time I’m hip so I get ‘em for two quid each. Then I find a best-of collection on CD in a chazzer. And then the other day I get “The New Possibility: John Fahey’s Guitar Soli Christmas Album” in the fucking Catflap, of all the stupid charity shops in the world. I can’t believe there is some dude somewhere in Romsey who’s gone completely mad and is drip-feeding his Fahey collection to the chazzers in the bug-eyed intention of making the world a better place. Keep them coming though, freak-boy; my piece of the planet is improving with every cut-price purchase.

Now, as we all know very well, my bloodline goes very deep down into the African dust, and when I was at school out there you’d often hear the platitude, usually from some ex-pat wife, that the indigenous people of that part of the continent measured their wealth in head of cattle, rather than dollars and cents or whatever. Historically there is a great deal of truth to this notion, however quaint they made it sound, because these people were farmers. I’m pretty sure that their British counterparts would recognise the relationship between the number of their livestock, its market value and their perceived social standing, especially when they have seen its value decrease dramatically in recent years.

Anyway, what is my point? What is wealth? I haven’t got a pot to piss in, but, to a greater or lesser extent, I do have the time to take the piss. That’s important to me. I also measure my wealth in vinyl, and so if I do keep finding John Fahey LPs in charity shops, I’ll be a rich man one day. In the meantime I’m available for DJ bookings.

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