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Just want to say a couple of things on my lunchbreak.

People should look at my pop career as being essentially tantric in nature.

Someone refreshed my memory re. what I’d actually written about Robert Kilroy-Silk (see “hate figures” section of “lists”) and I was surprised at how nicely his bigoted evil eventually tied in with me being a smart arse. I hope everyone else on the list will take heed. You can run from the small axe represented by this website, but you cannot hide forever.

What was I saying about John Fahey? I walk into the Sally Ann the other day and there on the top of the pile is a record by Leo Kottke on Takoma, which was the label that Fahey founded. American copy and everything. I’ve been doing some theorizing about the prevalence of Fahey-related stuff in 2nd-hand Cambridge and I reckon this town must have been especially receptive to avant-folk guitar players in the late 60s-early 70s, which stands to reason, I think.

Several aeons later…

Just when I’m convinced that the Bad Timing posse are due for some sort of award for making stuff grow in the desert they go and have a bad night, which was yesterday at the Portland. Phil was too clever, I was too stoopid, and Ergo Phizmiz were wearing the wrong hats altogether. Funny how fings turn out.

Today I forgot to get my son from nursery. That’s bad isn’t it? I was covering for the other half because it’s her day but I somehow didn’t recall that he only has a half day today.

Last night I bounded up to DJ Dave Hensonic because he was playing a tune that I’d heard DJ Nick play at that Sandpaper Sessions thing (was it him on that night, I’m not sure if I remember…) and I told Dave that I really liked that song, and he said, “yeah, I know, you told me before when you came round to mine the other week and I played it to you and you said that you’d heard it before at that Sandpaper Sessions thing…” and I said “Did I? Did you? Did I? Really? Fuck.” Then Dave continues, “I’ve noticed you’ve started doing that a lot, sort of reiterating yourself.” And I felt a bit like, well, you know, the tune’s not that fucking good, and I sort of walked away a bit winded. It actually felt really disturbing, like I’d had some kind of ontological shock or something. And this the day when cannabis is made (virtually) legal.

Me and Simon were discussing last night whether this legal change would mean and end to The Fear, which must stem at least in part from the practice of trying to look studiedly normal whenever a police car goes past, even when you’re not carrying anything, for years and years. I pointed out that I have the facility to be utterly, utterly paranoid anywhere, at anytime, and he, thinking of trips to Amsterdam, agreed.

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