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UM Website under threat! Karl Hartland where are you!

Just been informed by my webmistress (or something) that if I want to do all this crazy diary shit and update my gigs and list people I don’t like very much and so on then I’ll have to switch my ISP and pay lots of money to do so too. I’ve had this bizarrely cushy deal thus far you see. Fuckit, fuckit, fuckit. Anyone want to buy any UM CDs? Six pounds each; deals available on multiples. Anyway if the site disappears you’ll know why. Hopefully I can get it back up again with the fiscal equivalent of Viagra. Shit!

Trying to calm down. Got a gig tonight. Need to rehearse. Got to put things in bags. What do you do for cabaret again?

Had a dream the other night that I was looking at some live shots of Radiohead and Thom Yorke had a yellow cap just like mine (you know, the one with the hole in the peak). I was gutted. Everyone’s going to think I’ve got a Thom Yorke hat, I was moaning to myself. There was a really cool photo of him onstage, taken from below, and you could see right through the hole. When I woke up I had to do rudimentary mental checks to see if it was a dream or whether me and TY had the same hat. I was a bit rattled.

The other day I came out of my room and my housemate was listening to Radiohead and singing along with Yorkey. Sounded really funny I’m afraid.

Right. Rehearse. Put things in bags.

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