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Right, I’m still here, but I don’t know for how long. I’m scared to ask in case it speeds up the process.

I sort of had the money to find a new ISP last week but then the wife wanted her money and I’m proper fucked now.

And I spent £15 quid on ink for a printer that doesn’t work, so I can’t make any CDs to flog.

And my copy of Vegas has got corrupted somehow so I can’t capture video, which is a shitter because Rob Jackson asked me to do some video stuff for him to play guitar to.

And, just now, my PC crashed (restarts itself and then doesn’t like it) and now my copy of Outlook Express is fucked. I can receive email, which is nice, but I can’t send any back.

So, if you send me an email and it seems like I’m really busy or a bit rude, that’s not why I haven’t replied.

Right, now I’m off to try and fix a washing machine (yeah, right) and then pick up my son from school.

Posted February 20, 2004 by peteum2013 in Uncategorized

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