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Today I had a hangover like only the very evil have to suffer and the Mill Road pageant was accordingly warped. I had the usual shit with hangover invisibility, where people block your path even as you hurry towards somewhere where you do not wish to arrive. There’s a Mill Road character (who I keep meaning to add to the Mill Road Characters section of this site) that seems to have got stuck on a journey between the sexes, and manages to be both titted and bearded, and generally confusing on the eye, as well as a shabby dresser. Once s/he came in the shop with an odd request for a specific type of marzipan, and lingered about ambiguously for ages whilst I fretted in my discomfort. Anyway today, as I stumbled and weaved like a damned angel who the living could not see s/he appeared up ahead and her/his gaze locked onto mine as though recognizing a fellow denizen of this separate dimension. I tried to look away but my eyes felt held there in my hungover dread. As I passed alongside The Ambiguity, as I have just decided to call him or her (to save on hims and hers) s/he paused, turned slightly towards me and said “hello”. I pounded past The Ambiguity before it could do a Lionel Ritchie number on me, shaking my head at the purity of the surreality that seemed to be enveloping me.

As I approached Mill Road bridge I saw a woman in her 70’s careening down the bridge on a bicycle, dragging her foot on the road in place of a functioning brake. Even this seemed wildly improbable to my fevered mind.

Later on when I was on Mill Road bridge again with Syd this woman who shops in the shop and specialises in the kind of sincerely friendly smiles that seem out of place in modern English society (she is European as it goes) addressed me cheerily from behind and then drew level to walk with me and ask me questions about my life as my bony hands tightly gripped the handles of the pushchair for support.

Then Syd and I came back to my room and drew abstract stuff on the walls. Later on we visited the frogs in the pond that have glamorous gold eyelids and I drank some wine to moderate my mood.

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