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Across the web another soul reaches out to ask me:, How do they fkk with snakes?

Looks like you’ve come to a real Z00 here! Yeap! We have goats, we have horses,
sheep, snakes, even dogs!

e have lots of
1mls here and we also have lots of g1r|s who just love
to have some s. e -x with these creatures? How do they do it?

How do they sa-ck those c0c.k-s?

How do they fkk with snakes? Snakes don’t have c0c.k-s!!!

Guys! Our g1r|s can do it with every creature they want!
They are ready for it! They are tired from men!
They do realize that wild
1mls are fkking like no man would ever fkk them.
Cause they are animals and they fkk just like everybody did thousands
and millions years ago!

Stunning 1ma-.ges, v1de0s, art series, lots of
1mls, y0.u-n.g horny g1r|s
spred1ng their legs and skking c0c-k.s!

This is a first ever -X-.-X-.-X- zoo where every g1r| can fkk the creature she wants!


It’s a strange new world out there, and it isn’t written in English, yeap.
Now what was I saying about the whole world being populated by cunts who don’t appreciate DJ Wholefood? Well, last week, or Tuesday and Thursday anyroad, it was like the whole world was reading my diary and trying to make up for itself. Thursday I had the blues and I played the blues all bloody day, which must surely have been a drag for my co-workers, and yet virtually every other customer was approaching the till with a curious smile and a question about who Memphis Minnie was, or Gus Cannon was, and I reckon I was flogging more copies of the Harry Smith Anthology of American Folk Music (indirectly via word of mouth) than I was avocados. Then I had a conversation with a chap who must be nearer fifty that forty about contemporary German dub, dub music in general, the peerlessness of Mr. Lee Rainford Perry in the context of the genre and the undoubtedly benign influence of his production skills on the work of Bob Marley & The Wailers. “What he got out of Marley was amazing,” was what he said. It did me good, so keep it coming please.

Right, stuff to do.

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