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This is the sort of crap I get sent:

Heyy..Small PeNlS, It’s Time To Help Urself reinvent

Little PeNlS Make U Shy To Screw?? Hehe soph

So Embrassing If U Dont Increase Ur S-ize acted insight octopus
Refinance with Christian Lending Principles
We Provide 96% Off Retail Priice For Softwares moment convenient neck
WE SELL C1AL1S, /1AGRA, XANAAX & VAL1UM AT CHEAPEST PR1CE retrieval agnomen shrink
U R Stupid Dumbass If U Pay Retail Pri-cee For Softwares eyes each
XP PR0 $5O; 0FFICE XP $100. NORT0N 2004 $15; 0FFICE 2003 $8O; AD0BE PH0TOSH0P $8O girl busy
Instaant Download After Pay, Super Cheaap Softwares his grandma
orthant Lennox alterable milkmaids Ecuadorian

– Programs for every credit situation
– Lenders reply within 24 hours
– Borrow up to 125% of your homes value
– Special programs for self employed
– No income verification programs

1. Fill out our quick form

2. You will receive offers from up to FIVE different
lenders that will have you pre-approved

3. Then, YOU decide. You receive quotes
with no cost or obligation.

belfry wrinkles crossovers remind herbs
Fiberglas Shawnee reclassify shunt
absentee endowing enlarge furtive untying
chairman scribes
Euripides stumped fissured ironical unsanitary
clique crueler prelude humored
Purdue weakest foresees casuals shatters
reliance providing
Bessie octave botanists cutter keeps
erects heads Bavaria engine
blades classmate sheltered Waite Willisson
tenant bibbed
sterns glazed mealy inwardly doers
mixing natively Singapore adjudge
computable Mills successful Bodleian specifier
bleat deviates
Hempstead Parks managing rises Cushing
humbling flinches dyadic approacher
arrogate ravings unmodified pontiff editorial
judged quixotic

conscious romances Budapest diagrammed remove

antics Fuchsia
commended mismatches Hoover tonic
prophecies television modem accuser menacing
The Fastest Download For Softwares & Super Cheeap sir

And these are the sort of folks that are supposed to have sent it to me:

Carola Bruna
Octavio Bergman
Tonya Jaimie
Deirdre Vazquez
Graciela Mayola
Marisa Adria
Paz Alaine
Quentin Whalen
Marge Aja
Stevie Madie
Tammy Vargas
Yael Suzanna
Suzie Nam
Sari Patsy
Marlene Belcher
Luciana Toby
Savannah Krueger
Coy Caudill
Ludie Laura

My brother arrives from Australia. For the next few weeks I will as drunk as a monkey, so I may not be in the office.

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