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Some random thoughts to ease myself back into the public sphere perhaps.

Uh…first a couple of corrections to the Lone Stromblone review, just to make me sound pompous. Firstly The New Album precedes The Old Album and not vice versa, and secondly the line in Too Old For Sports is ” I sit in a furnace, abusing my plug-ins” rather than “…abusing my buggins” although Christ knows I’ve done enough of that an’ all.

Phil-Out-Of-Space remarked that he was envious of my prolificacy (well, he didn’t say that exactly. Of course he wouldn’t) because it meant that I could entitle my latest work Giraffe and not worry that I was setting something daft in stone, or whatever. I agreed wholeheartedly, because I imagine a future scenario when some cross-eyed Um fan is asked on a shitty daytime quiz show to name all Um works in their correct sequence. I picture them breathlessly listing “…The New Album, The Old Album, Giraffe, Giraffe Outtakes, The Green Album, Ten Small Men In Sugar, The Punk Album, The Pink Album…er…um…” You know the kind of thing.

If there’s anything worse than having to routinely stuff aspects of my wretched life into this blog bag, it’s having to leave certain things out. Usually this is because they are too personal or because I might offend someone. The other night at The Portland Alex Zero, who was very tired, was trying to tell me that this was pure chickenshittedness on my part, because it was like trying to do half a thing. I agree up to a point, but I’m far too frail a personality to go around picking fights with people. Actually it’s more that I’m far too physically frail to go round picking fights with people. Anyway the point is that me and Alexis Hot Chip had a night out that would be amusing to tell you about, but I can’t.

I can tell you a good story concerning a certain SPACEMAN, however, but I’ll have to write it first.

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