Thankyou for this opportunity to speak to you all today.   2 comments

My PC is working for the first time in several days, but not for long I presume. Uh…here’s the one and only review of the Um 7″ single:

And what’s this all about? My French only gets about half of this:

And, despite seeming to have declined the opportunity to review that Um single, Dave’s good efforts on behalf of Tripel Records have persuaded somebody at The Wire to showcase a small representation of the groovy Um sound. Scroll down to the absolute bottom of the page, almost at the very end of the internet itself, and you will discover:

OK people. I hope to reappear soon, perhaps when Andrew Coleman (Ninja Tune/Thrill Jockey/Tripel) gets back off The Road and can start fucking around with video cards.

Lots of Love,


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2 responses to “Thankyou for this opportunity to speak to you all today.

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  1. Um, Africa is a Fridge (Strange Lights) 7″
    Um. When people know I live in Cambridge, people who are in the know, they invariably ask me if I know Um. That’s how I know they’re in the know. I don’t know Um. I don’t know why I don’t know Um but do you know what? I know I’d like to know Um. Why? Because he knows..

    Yes, because he knows how to warp the Beatles and Barrett around a trundling beatbox core and release magic into the world. And because he knows how to make the title cut stumble, crumble, mumble, jumble and ultimately humble as it bursts off the slate with a disorientating weft of samples that resolves itself into snippets of vocals inspired by an article Chuck D wrote. And so now you know.

  2. Not Found

    The requested URL /d422/node/view/7140 was not found on this server.

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