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I once asked a friend of mine, a music business friend, what the physical manifestations were of the liver damage he had sustained as a result of too much drink. He described it as a sort of mental confusion whereby if you were sat equidistantly between a radio broadcast and a television transmission you’d be unable to decide which one to get up and turn off.

Right, this is my last chance to do anything diary-wise this year, and although I’m fighting the strong urge to go and have a bath instead, my conscious has been pricked by the ooh, fives of people who have been asking me what the hell has happened to this section of the site. To be honest, I’m so behind on writing about things that have happened in real life, let alone writing about things that I haven’t got around to making happen, that the whole thing feels like a pointless sham, including the real stuff.

Jesus. Christmas has been tough, almost like the US has declared war on my endorphins and implemented some sickening shock and awe campaign with the use of alcohol. It feels like the end of the world, and this tsunami stuff isn’t helping.

Fuck. I can’t even write anything coherent, or I can’t be bothered. Didn’t I end up staying in last New Year’s Eve, and stopping totally straight? I think it might be on the cards again. I did consider trying to chew on a bit of grist tonight by wandering around town with a recording device and doing some misanthropic running commentary of what I could see with my face pressed up against the glass of various bars and pubs. Perhaps I could fashion it into a radio show for Radio209: “Pete Um’s Big Night Off”. I owe them a show about charity shops as it is.

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I think glumness runs in our family. I was wandering listlessly round Looe (Cornwall) with Sam, Syd and my sister, who has recently broken up with several men and seems sad whenever the wine runs out. We were sheltering from the wind, rain, darkness etc in an amusement arcade, pushing 2p pieces into those idiot-catcher things (there was a fucking great one that I felt too listless to film, but it had an Elvis theme – how fucking dope is that?). Anyway my lovely, lonely sister was approached by a young man, crippled and brain-damaged, who told her that he had had a car accident ten years ago and got lots of money. He wanted to know whether she would consider an invitation to dinner.

Anyway. Happy New Year everyone. I’m off to have a bath.

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