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As you may or may not know, one of the things that I have many more of than I will ever have a need of is college scarves. I started buying them at jumble sales years ago and then it became compulsive. I have twenty or thirty I suppose. Tragic waste of a young life. Anyway, lately I’ve been rocking the scarf-as-accessory look, figuring they might as well be used. I decided that Cambridge, with the possible exception of Oxford, is probably the least cool place on earth to rock the college scarf, and that if I could rock the college scarf, it would logically follow that I was a motherfucker. Then the other day I was doing the Mill Road shuffle and that rather nice and polite Big Issue lady who stands outside Subway observed that my scarf was of the type worn by pupils at a local school for girls. Still I persevered with the scarf, but, today, a certain woman, occasionally seen on Mill Road, who walks with a crutch and appears to be possibly less than averagely able-minded, engaged my eye as I pushchaired past with Syd and mouthed: “I like your scarf.” So, if I am to consider myself a style-pimp, these are the people I have convinced thus far.

Posted February 9, 2005 by peteum2013 in Uncategorized

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